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Wahnaf Enterprises provides high-quality security cameras in Karachi to ensure the reliability and security of the offered services be at their best. Security cameras in Karachi is a complete security surveillance solution and a trusted security.

CCTV Security Surveillance Solutions & Service Providers

Security cameras in Karachi is a complete security surveillance solution and a trusted security partner of the brands offering a variety of professional and reliable services. We provide Security Camera in Karachi with analog HD and IP Solutions, Digital Video Recorders & Network Video Recorders with intelligent video analytical features and other surveillance equipment. Security camera ensures the reliability and security of the offered services to be at its best.


There are two types of security camera:

Wired and wireless.

  • Wireless security camera use Wi-Fi to transmit surveillance footage to a cloud-based server over the internet. This allows you to view the footage on any internet-connected device. Note that many wireless cameras are not entirely wireless because they need to be plugged into AC power via a power cable, although some use rechargeable batteries instead.
  • Wireless security camera is often referred to as “smart cameras” because they’re controlled with an app on your smartphone and can integrate with smart home devices and systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, smart locks, smart speakers, and smart lights. Some also can analyze the footage and provide insights such as whether there’s a package at your front door, or whether that’s a person or an animal in your backyard.

Do Home Security Camera Work?

There’s a wide range of sophisticated security cameras in Karachi, which you can mix and match to build a surveillance system to suit the specific security needs of your home and lifestyle.

Indoor Cameras

All Security Cameras in Karachi tend to offer a wider field of view than standard cameras, but the “dome cameras” offered by most top security providers take this even farther. With full 360 degrees coverage, a single camera can monitor an entire area. At the other extreme, a “fixed lens” camera gives you the ability to focus permanently on a very specific area, ideal for the highest quality video image of the places that matter most.

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor cameras offer more durable and weather-resistant enclosures, with components designed to capture wider exterior views and accommodate the full range of outdoor lighting conditions. With many of the options offered by indoor surveillance cameras (including remote pan and tilt control, Infrared night vision, motion detection, and wireless connectivity), you’ll be able to give your yard and immediate neighborhood the same level of protection as the rooms of your home.

Motion Detector Cameras

Motion detector cameras combine a motion detector with a camera, delivering a camera that waits for activity before it begins transmitting or recording. This not only saves you countless hours of DVR storage space but also adds an additional level of protection by alerting you when it senses suspicious activity.

Adjustable Cameras

For the utmost in control and coverage, your system can include adjustable Security Camera. Fitted with motor-driven actuators, these cameras can be programmed to move automatically to capture a wider field of view than fixed Security Cameras in Karachi. Even better, most offer remote pan, tilt and zoom control so you can truly look around the area and focus on what’s most important at the time.

Wireless Technology

Wireless cameras are a necessity for anyone needing video surveillance on a wireless system and a great solution if you need a camera somewhere that can’t be hardwired. Because most top security providers offer complete wireless security systems, you can find wireless versions of all types of security camera in Karachi — indoor, outdoor, fixed, motion-sensing, and more.

Cameras with a Security System

Security Cameras are only half of the video surveillance equation. To truly integrate security camera feeds into your system, providers offer several types of devices that give you flexible viewing and recording features. When you have more than one camera hooked up to your system, you have the choice of switching between feeds or using a video splitter to view multiple feeds simultaneously. Adding a duplicator to the system enables more than one person to monitor the camera feeds at any given time. For recording, some security providers may offer DVRs optimized for security system cameras, fully programmable to hold on to as much or as little of the past feeds as you need.

Flexible and Reliable:

The flexibility of a video surveillance system goes beyond mere security monitoring and playback, beyond even the extremely useful “nanny cams” to keep an eye on children, pets, and disabled family members.